The Institute of Administration and Commerce of Nigeria (IACN) received its certificate of registration from the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja as a fully screened and accredited Professional Institution in Nigeria on  1st of September, 2018. This date marks the birth of an ‘Amazon’ in the Knowledge and Practice of Administration and Commerce in Nigeria and Africa. Glory is to God Almighty for this wonderful fulfilment of a dream. It will take its rightful place in the committee of Professional Institutions in Nigeria, Africa, and the world.

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Our Institute is friendly and we shall build bridges of reciprocal friendship and respect across Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. This is because of our broad horizon in Administration and Commerce. We shall seek and be affiliated with Professional Institutions and Universities that share our vision and mission across the world. We shall explore common programs and interface for the benefit of our common advantage. This will impact the quality and quantity of knowledge to our members and students thereby enhancing our comparative advantage.

Today marks the beginning of opportunities for all who aspire as this Institution will add value to our education and Professional Practice in Administration and Commerce.

The Institute will admit members to its register as Associate, Member, and Fellow. It will also have honorary fellows and these would be astute professionals and academicians who have made reasonable contributions to knowledge and the economy.

We shall have a schedule of Executive Development programs designed to upgrade the knowledge of new and practising personnel in Administration and Commerce. These programs shall be in stages to accommodate all levels of management. It shall be in collaboration with renowned local and International Business Schools.

Our regular Professional training programs would commence as soon as the various courses are approved by the Federal Ministry of Education for the purpose of recognition and grading. Our courses are at Certificate, Diploma and Professional Levels. IACN has issued an outline of its courses, entry requirements and awards.

Furthermore, in pursuant of its objectives, IACN will publish a monthly magazine which will be an authority on issues bordering on Administration and Commerce in Nigeria and beyond. Our official magazine is ADCON.

ADCON will x-ray the activities of Corporate Nigeria, Departments, Commissions and Agencies with a view to educate, inform and promote their activities, products, and services. It will also run various advertorials and features forums on individuals and organizations. ADCON shall appraise and reward best practice and make recommendations for laggards to catch up with the best in their industries. On an annual basis, it will honour individuals and Organisations identified as Fliers and Worthy Examples across the economy in recognition of excellence.

Welcome to our world at IACN. Join us for an inspiring journey and experience a living Institution you will be proud of.