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The Nigeria transport system comprises

  1. Road Transport
  2. Rail Transport
  3. Air Transport
  4. Marine Transport
  5. Pipelines

Each of these systems has subsystems also. All of these has clearly defined key players who keep the wheels rolling.

Key Players

These include

  1. Federal Government
  2. State Governments
  3. Local Governments
  4. Private owners

Transport Support Services:

  1. Road Safety Corps
  2. Traffic Wardens
  3. Police Highway Patrols
  4. State traffic management authorities
  5. Maritime Authorities
  6. Aviation Management Authorities

Non Government regulators – Roads:

  1. Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN)
  2. National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW)

Although these unions are to regulate the conduct of their members, they only collect levies and bail their members from Police stations. Their members are noted for the lowest level of discipline in the conduct of their duties. There is the need for serious reforms in these unions to sanitise the road transport system and boost tourism in our country.

 Infrastructural development

Nigeria has more transport routes domestically than the rest of West Africa. This is as a result of the density of the population and hundreds of thousand hamlets, villages, towns and cities scattered along its length and breath. It is equally blessed with a long coastline at the south and many major rivers that could pass for inland waterways. The level of development of the Nigeria transport system is very poor compared to similar economies in African.

In these discussions, we shall examine each sector, do a proper diagnosis and proffer solutions that could improve and impact on the lives of the citizens if the authorities and other stakeholders play their roles efficiently and effectively.

Every Nigerian is a stakeholder with clear duties and obligations to the country and fellow citizens.

Transportation is key to trade and actually one of its ancillary services. People move goods and services locally and internationally. To this extent, all forms of transportation are deployed. The efficiency and effectiveness of our transport system depends greatly on several factors viz

  1. Availability of necessary transport infrastructures like good roads, rails, ports and jetties, airports and airstrips or landing pads
  2. Training and retraining of all operators and their support staff
  3. Enabling laws to control conduct and maintenance issues. Existing laws have to be revisited to address present-day realities.
  4. Attitudinal reorientation of transporters and commuters on Norms, ethics and Morals. The National orientation agency should live up to expectation always.
  5. Safety and compliance monitoring. The agency entrusted with this function has deviated from their brief. They have turned their duty posts to toll gates instead of ensuring the safety of road users. This is known to all.
  6. Provision of sufficient modern means of transportation. We see old gauges and busses everywhere because the government is not doing enough in providing sufficient means of transportation. The trains still go on single gauges at this time. There are no modern trawlers and flying boats. Only rickety and dangerous boats adorn the jetties. This must be addressed.

Commuters simply have no choice. No National Air or shipping lines and the Nation has to pay other Nationals thus losing money and depriving its citizens of resultant employment opportunities.

  1. An effective Judicial system to ensure justice for offenders speedily. Where offenders are back on the streets and continue, as usual, the people are endangered. Proper reformation of offenders is ideal for us to advance.
  2. Provision of support services is essential. Fuelling, Spare parts and other consumables in the sector should be readily available and affordable.
  3. Deployment of the necessary technology to monitor. Cctv cameras and speed limit monitors should be used on major highways. This will reduce the rate of crime and accidents on our roads.
  4. Governments at all levels should see efficient transport system as a priority to avoid wastages amongst farmers who can transport their products to the urban areas. This would further empower our economy.
  • My thoughts on transportation would continue


The importance of trust and confidence in a work team cannot be overemphasized. For group success at any work level, there must be total commitment to the same goal consistently. A mutually committed team player and players is a recipe for group success. Every Manager must build a coherent and winning team. This is achieved by engraving workplace ethics and discipline in every staff. There must be adherence to the chain of command and hierarchy. The lines of communication and reporting must be fully respected. There must be proper ethics, norms, decorum and discipline across the organization.

This is very true of team sports like hockey, football, basketball, volleyball just to name a few. It is also true of marketing teams, project management teams, production teams and at the boardroom. Where workers work and think disjointedly and incoherently, there is chaos, failure, confusion, fear, distrust, envy, suspicion and every conceivable form of negativity. Workplaces, where only the Managing Director is feared and respected while the line managers are ignored by the workforce, are heading for the doomsday. Managing Directors who plant cleaners and gatemen to watch over senior executives and act on their reports as completely true is digging the grave of his establishment.

Managers must have corporate policies that encourage growth and development of the individual and the organization. Employees are humans. All humans have feelings and ego which must be respected. In Nigeria especially in busy cities like Lagos, workers spend their entire day on the road and their workplaces. They deserve to find peace, joy, respect, and timely appreciation and remuneration for their effort. Timely appraisals go a long way in strengthening the quality of personnel at work. Whoever is retained must be trained to be an asset and not a liability to himself, his colleagues and the organization.

The right administrative structures and proper human resources management can help to engender a conducive work environment. You employ only those that are qualified for their positions and train them to imbibe organizational culture. Customer service training is essential. Colleagues are also customers who must be delighted with superior relationship management and practice. We cannot achieve much at any level of Management if we continue to lag behind our contemporaries in the same industry in other countries. Many of our top managers boast of been trained in Havard, Princeton, LBS, Cambridge but fail to replicate their knowledge and experience in Nigeria. The worker takes the pains.

Many employers of labour in Nigeria have failed to respect the feelings of their employees. The employees are not the reason for the economic downturn in Nigeria but they suffer innocently for it. They are not properly remunerated neither are they paid the peanuts at the appropriate time. They cannot plan to manage their meagre finances. They are always in debt before the next salary arrives.  It is a take or leaves it situation. The labour market is saturated. The Nigerian worker never had it so bad.

The government as a large employer of labour is the worst example in human’s resources management in Nigeria. A situation where workers have owned salaries from two months to two years is completely callous, criminal and highly sinful. Those that toiled for this country for over thirty-five years and now pensioners are the worst hit. Many slumps and die at verification centre for unpaid pensions running for several years. What is their offence? They dared to retire and now have to be punished by their children’s mates in service. Crazy Nigerians did I hear you say?

While the level of unemployment keeps rising, the Government keeps coming up with anti-people policies that hinder the growth of the economy. In Nigeria, the fear of the discriminatory anti-graft agencies is the beginning of wisdom. Many Nigeria entrepreneurs have relocated to other more friendly countries thereby creating employment there. Money earned in Nigeria is thus exported to boost the economy of those countries leaving our youths further stranded. Many companies have closed down while the few survivors are burdened with multiple taxes, especially in Lagos State. Everything seems to be at a standstill waiting for a messiah to savage us from the claws of our economic slave masters.

Some Nigerians who happen to be on the other side of the divide do not know what suffering is like. They have godfathers and godmothers. No matter what they steal from the government coffers, their sins are always forgiven. You only have to belong to be relevant and reverenced as a saint instead of been declared a criminal and prosecuted. The Nigeria judicial statutes of blind judges are theoretical. He who pays the piper dictates the tune here.

Nigerians have taken their problems to God in places of worship. Now, both Christians and Muslims worship on Sundays. They are faced with those who promise them prosperity, freedom from bondage, an abundance of everything. Everything our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rejected during His temptation after forty days and night fasting – food, prosperity and power is now the prayer points of worship centres. They make the people poorer but smile to the bank. The same men of God build schools, Universities and hospitals from the peoples’ offerings and tithes but the congregants cannot afford them.

They are escorted by heavily armed law enforcement agents on ‘one way’ to and from places of worship thereby breaking the law of the land with impunity. They ride the best SUVs, big yachts and jets. Own homes in Europe and America. They devise daily, more ways to hypnotize and extort their congregants. They fail to tell them that Jesus Christ is coming again soon. They fail to encourage and help them to reconcile with God through His Son Jesus Christ ‘for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God’. They fail to make the people ready and worthy to be partakers of His coming. They idolize themselves as Men of God who the congregants must reverence but fail to be humble and selfless as Jesus Christ the Redeemer whom they claim to represent.

There is too much likeness to Sodom and Gomorrah here. However, there are still a few good men here too. Glory is to God in the Highest.