IACN believes that education is possible only when we are healthy. We are healthy when we are well fed with the right combinations of foods and minerals needed by the body to function optimally. When we are well nourished with food and minerals, we are assured of good health everything been equal.

Health is wealth, is an old adage that remains valid today than ever before. Considering the Covid 19 pandemic that further worsened the economics of developing countries (especially African countries), the need to re-evaluate our priorities especially in Nutrition and Health cannot be overemphasized.

Consequently, IACN has deepened its interest in Nutrition and Health. As a professional institution devoted to the furtherance of professional education, we are conscious that only nutrition and health are a prerequisite to effective learning. IACN has therefore resolved to be involved in any program by the Government or Non-governmental organizations that promote good nutrition and healthy living.

IACN would be ready to partner with organizations that share the same sentiment on this subject both internally or internationally. To achieve this goal, we have created a division in the Institute to be fully devoted to issues of nutrition and health. We shall be devoted to reaching the poor and vulnerable in the urban and rural areas of Nigeria with products and services that promote nutrition and health.

Already, the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute is the Vice Chairman of the Christian Health Association of Nigeria since 2017. He has been involved in many projects of CHAN. He was a resource person of DFID of the UKAID in the PATH2 program which was very much about health.

Watch out for updates about the activities and success stories of our N&H division.