When the advent started some weeks ago, many Christians engaged in various activities to mark it and herald the Christmas celebrations. Some churches started their retreats, some declared fasting and prayers while others chose the period for their bazaars and thanksgiving service. All of these are to herald Christmas celebrations on the 25th of December.

The question now is “are they expecting the birth of Jesus Christ by the Blessed Virgin Mary in Bethlehem again?  What is the significance of this celebration of Christ’s birthday that he never celebrated? Some so-called Christian organizations are quick to capitalize on this question to justify why they do not celebrate Christmas with others. They see this celebration as meaningless to their faith and they could go to the extent of quoting the Holy Bible to support their argument.


Christmas is a celebration of GOD’s love for man. GOD gave us a savior to redeem us from the snares of sin. He gave mankind His only begotten SON so that we may understand the virtues and vices that draw us to and from our creator. He gave us His SON to teach us His ways that are expressed in divine love. He gave us His Son so that we may have salvation through His ultimate sacrifice. The entry into this sinful world inhabited by man (who have yielded to His adversary) by Him through whom all things were created in the Heavens and Earth is worthy of celebration as a symbol of GOD’s love for all. This Godly visitation is for everybody irrespective of race, color, nationality, political or economic status. This visitation is for sinners past and present and they all now have the chance to renounce sin by accepting the Savior who offers forgiveness of sins and salvation freely.

At this juncture, it is important to discuss the meaning of Christianity. Christianity is love expressed through the SON of GOD. This love was from creation when the man was made in the image of GOD and all creation was subjected to him. Our first parents dwelt with God in the Garden of Eden until sin separated them from their creator. The sinful Adam nature of man lasted throughout the Old Testament and a redeemer was foretold by the Prophets. The SON of GOD came to His own and they knew Him not. So it was at the beginning and so it is today. The mission of Jesus Christ is simple: to reconcile man with his Creator so that they may be acceptable to Him. The evidence of this reconciliation is in love. Love for God and Your Neighbor.


Today, this love has turned cold. We now have earthly love devoid of the Mesaic divinity. The love of GOD and His SON is real. This has nothing to do with power and affluence which is been marketed today by the end time Pastors who have accepted everything Jesus renounced and rebuked Satan about during His temptation. It is a pity that man has deviated and turned the message of the Messiah to suit their taste and the expectation of men instead of God. They have converted the holy places of worship to market places where the highest bidders buy blessings, power, and affluence. Daily, they make a mockery of the salvation message of God. Today, Pastors have become robbers. They force people to part with their possessions threatening heavy sanctions for failure to abide by their forceful speeches. Today Pastors are escorted to take “one way” to church while worshipers patiently trudge along in traffic. They are even assisted by law enforcement agents that are their escort. Their arguments are that their god is rich and as his representatives, they must be rich. In my childhood days, the only Ministers that drove vehicles were Catholic Priests from their zonal offices. They had nothing of their own whatsoever. Today Ministers of God are among the richest in society meanwhile their Master was born lowly and meekly. That is how His Father designed it. We should have followed His example. Humility means greatness in the eyes of GOD.

Pastors have contributed immensely to the decadence in our society today. They are the worst pretenders ever and GOD is very painstaking toward them. They will not go unpunished but my worry is the multitude that they mislead daily. Not even the educated is spared. Professors and Doctors of philosophy could be seen in their churches, speaking in strange tongues, dancing and clapping foolishly. They too cannot read and know the truth because it is hidden from them.

Christianity is not about getting rich and powerful. It is that we seek His righteousness and everything will be added to it. Allow the will of GOD to be sufficient for you. Don’t envy anyone and shun greed. Build your treasures in Heaven and not on earth.

 When you pray, Magnify and praise GOD, then thank Him for His love, provisions, and protection, pray for your neighbors and lastly, for yourself in humility. All of these must be done solemnly and with a constrict, heart and God will hear your prayers. Never shout on your God neither must you command Him. Those who truly seek the face of God must do so in humility.

May the Lord GOD Almighty send His beloved Son to take His bridal souls for the wedding of the Lamb and we must be ready and worthy on that day. Be watchful for the Lord comes soon.