My dear brothers and sisters, children of the most high God, compliments of the season. It comes like this once every year. There is joy in every family because the Lord has made it possible for us to witness another yuletide season. There is great expectation as we prepare to enter another new year. Everyone is taking stock and strategizing to upgrade in the new year. Love is in the air.

Glory, honor and Adoration to our God for His love and mercies. We could not have achieved whatever we did in the year on our own. We must recognize and appreciate the fact that He was there on every step of the way. He made it all possible and He deserve our praise.

While we are savory His Grace in our lives, we must remember the underprivileged ones in our mist.  They depend on us to help them through every day. We must identify them and reach out to as many as possible. God blessed us because of them. We must surrender ourselves to be instruments in His Hands always. This will open closed doors for us. We must be as open as Abraham, in giving even to strangers for they could be angels.

My Apostle once told me a true life story concerning an encounter with God. A rich lady came back from work one day and found a letter clearly addressed to her. In it she read the following “I, will visit you tomorrow. I hope you will be prepared to receive me”, signed, God. This woman was perplexed. God Himself to visit me? She asked repeatedly. What can I offer Him? She asked again. She hardly slept that night. Next morning, She went to the bank and withdraw a huge sum, went to the market and bought plenty suitable for a big feast. While loading her booth, a beggar came to her and said “please kindly spare me a little to eat”. At first, she hesitated but on a second thought she said to herself , I have enough to go back and buy more so she offered the beggar enough to take away. On arrival at her well prepared home, she met another letter in her letter box. The letter read “Thank you for receiving me in the market today. I thank you for your gifts” signed: God.

This woman was expecting to receive God in her house probably accompanied by many Heavenly Host but that was not to be. God truly visited her as a beggar. You could be giving to God when you give this less privileged people. Remember Christ’s Priestly sermon on the Mountain where he said “,..whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you did it unto Me”

God is love and He blesses every cheerful giver. Prepare yourself for a fruitful new year by giving willingly as if you are giving to God. The Lord may send His Son to take His bridal souls and you could be one of them just because you gave in love. He is JEHOVAH JIRE meaning God of provision. He lacks nothing.