The Institute is interested in promoting vocational skills acquisition in Nigeria for indigent candidates who are unable to access further secondary education as a result of abject poverty. Although the government has technical Schools and Polytechnics for technical education, these categories of people cannot afford to attend due to required school fees and other payables. These people would constitute a threat to society if there is no intervention in their lives from good spirited individuals and NGOs both local and international. IACN is therefore championing the call for action to rescue the forgotten children of the poorest of society.


IACN plans to build a vocational training centre at Ilaro in Ogun State and Ihievbe in Edo State of Nigeria as a pilot program. Each center would consist of workshops, a general-purpose assembly hall and an administrative block. It will not be residential at the pilot stage.


The centers would train the students in Agriculture, Art and Craft, Woodwork and Carpentry, Hair dressing, Fashion design, Auto mechanics, Plumbing, Masonry, Vulcanizing, Maintenance skills, general Maintenance.

In addition, academic courses such as English language, Mathematics, Accounting, Business methods, civic education and quantitative studies would be taught.


The program would be for eight years. Six years would be at school and two years on attachment. There will be two attachments of a year each. Students would go on attachment after the first three years for one year and another attachment after two years at school. On completion of the final attachment, students would be back to school for one year to complete the program.


On completion of the program, students would be issued a Diploma in Vocational studies. This would be equivalent to a Polytechnic National Diploma. This is a middle-level technical qualification. Students could be sponsored to higher qualifications or set up as a well-trained and qualified technician.


Primary school or basic six certificates (completion of six years) would be the minimum entry requirement. Junior school dropouts would also be eligible to enroll.


Funding would be required for building workshops, administrative block and assembly hall. Others would include furniture and fittings, equipment for the various trades. Recurrent expenditure like salaries, administrative expenses would also be needed.


It is expected that the centers would be able to generate income from the public by selling products and services. It would also open its doors to public patronage of the expertise of personnel. The centers would commercialize its activities to raise necessary funding and reduce dependence on philanthropists and funding NGOs. Examples of such ventures would be block molding factory, Public hair salon, crop and tree farm products, fish and snail farms, vehicle mechanics workshops, Public tailoring services, furniture, Hair salon, sale of designed fabrics like ‘adire’. Students would learn how to go commercial successfully by been part of the process at the centers.


IACN would appreciate funding in the following areas:

Building of Vocational workshops (10) N5,000,000.00

Building of Assembling hall 4,800,000.00

Administrative Block N3,500,000.00

Equipment: N7,000,000.00

Furniture and Fittings: 2,500,000.00

Total: N22,800,000.00 equivalent to $63,333.33 at N360.00 to $1



  1. 5 Full time and 5 Part time (vocational): N75,000*5*12 =4,500,000.00. 40,000*5*12 =2,400,000. TOTAL for vocational teachers per annum is N6,900,000.00
  2. 3 academic teachers (full time) N75,000*3*12 is N2,700,000.00
  3. 3 Administrative Staff: N75,000*3*12 is N 2,700,000.00

Total Salaries N6,900,000 +5,400,000 =N12,300,000 per year.

Administrative expenses/working capital N2,500,000.00

Total requirements per Center is N14,800,000.00 Equivalent to $41,111.11. This is the total recurrent expenditure of each center per year.

The two centers would require:

1. Capital expenditure: $126,667.00 or N45,599,997.00

2. Recurrent expenditure annually: $82,222.22 or N29,599,999.22


These centers are primarily set up to mop up the society of possible miscreants and criminals who, out of desperation to earn a living could become armed robbers, Kidnappers, rapists and societal misfits. Training them to become self-sufficient and employers of labor would create peace of mind for all. There will be increase in employment, technical skills, productivity and so on.

On the other hand, it will reduce poverty in their homes, reduce criminality and violence. It will enhance the dignity of the human being and bring out the best positive values that can be seen when given the right atmosphere and opportunity.


IACN is appealing to local and International NGOs and public-spirited individuals and organizations to join in achieving this dream to impact on the lives of the unreached and ignored in our society. Let us engrave our names in gold in the heart of these people.

Sponsors of projects would have it named after them. You are rich when you impact the lives of others especially the less privileged. This is a call to action.


Elder Godwin Chris Ozemoje

2347025280047, 234822624247 or info@iacn.com.ng, instadcon@gmail.com. WhatsApp: 2347025280047