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  • Management is not sweating or shouting. It is getting employees to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.
  • Training increases productivity and profitability. It surely pays for itself.
  • A good brand is one that fades not. It is always thermostatic.
  • Leaders think about the future while Managers think of today.
  • Plan well today for a greater tomorrow.
  • Nothing is impossible for winners. They see obstacles as stepping stones.
  • Aspire for great heights. The sky is now the beginning.
  • Never give up when the going gets tough.
  • Get Mentors and learn from their stories. It will inspire you to great heights.
  • In every discussion, always sift truth from falsehood, good from evil.
  • The tougher it gets, the closer you are to Gold.about.
  • Listen more. You can learn from anyone.
  • Give without Regret always. Givers are never empty.
  • The beautiful ones are not yet born. So are the Leaders of tomorrow.
  • Always be positive. Negativity is destructive to the soul of the enterprise.
  • Encourage and motivate your employees. Your organisation would be better for it.
  • Always be a flyer and not a laggard
  • Weed toxic elements of your organisation and motivate passionate workers to grow your enterprise.
  • Marketing is simply identifying and satisfying customer needs beyond the competition.
  • Bond your customers today and they will become your clients tomorrow.
  • Build your brand from the gate-man to the Chairman and you will truly have a corporate identity.
  • The young shall grow and the undernourished corporate Elder shall die.
  • Mentor others so that you may rest well.
  • Remember that Rome was not built in a day. Be patient but consistent.