Where are we?

The fact that the Government of Nigeria has taken the citizens for granted cannot be over emphasized. The government promised health for all yet the National Health Insurance Scheme is dead for almost two years now. This is an organisation that is supposed to ensure that every Nigerian have access to healthcare. The public health institutions are not left out of the institutional decay. A visit to any government hospital anywhere would tell you the story. Every where is a shame for a country that claim to be the headquarter of the black race. When you see pictures and videos of Nigerians living in the Internal displaced camps, one wonders if our governments at all levels are responsible in the least. They wear agbada of irresponsibility and sit over our commonwealth without any conscience and fear of God. People are living in squalor and dying as a result of systemic neglect. Yet they revel in opulence. Meanwhile the president would travel broad for medical check up anytime and at the slightest health provocation. Instead of been an example to the people, he choose to support medical tourism.

The most politicized agenda of Government is insecurity across the nation. We got his word that we can now sleep with our two eyes closed. The events unfolding daily is a ridicule of this promised. In my church, the new apostolic church international, an Apostle and Bishop were kidnapped near Kaduna this week. The matter was reported to the security agencies but there was no solution. On Sunday, a Catholic church reverend Father and church member were kidnapped near Igarra after service at Ihievbe Ogben in Owan East local government area of Edo State. Security agents were informed but we are still praying for their release.

Instead of been more concerned with the security of lives and property, the security men on all Nigerian roads have mounted toll gates for themselves. Even the road safety corps is not excluded.