Any right thinking Nigerian should be worried about the state of the economy presently. Many things are not working for crying out loud. Politicians are ever promising to fix one problem or the other within six months or less only to compound the same after four years in the saddle of leadership and in control of vast resources. Instead of bowing out shamefully, the same politicians would do anything possible to go back and plunder our collective resources again. It is one step forward and two steps backward. We are going back instead of forward. Lesser Nations are overtaking us despite our huge human and natural resources. We pride ourselves as the big brother in Africa and send aids to those who should aid us.

We are supposed to be fighting corruption and we direct our attention to perceived enemies and political opponents while our members continue to plunder our resources. Corrective regimes become the worst and the people continue in despair. We are supposed to be fighting insecurity but it is getting worse by the day. It is no longer in the North East alone. Nowhere is safe now.

Do we not have enough security personnel or enough citizens to recruit into the security forces and secure the Nation? Can the government at all levels not set up farms and employ graduates to produce food for the Nation, reduce unemployment and criminality and increase productivity. No money to pay their salaries did I hear you say? What about the huge salaries and allowances of Assembly members across the nation? The huge salaries and allowances of the executives comprising Ministers, Ministers of state, special advisers and senior and junior advisers to ministers and president and his aides. The same goes for State and Local governments. Very heavy load this country is carrying on its head in the name of governance. Offload this self-inflicted national burden and use the resources to secure food, employment, and lives, Mr. President. Nobody should earn more than N250,000.00 per month if the least worker is to earn N30,000.00. All of you are playing politics with the happiness of the citizens and one day, you will have no place to hide when the bubble shall burst. I am not interested in political affiliations. I am concerned about moving forward and not being numbered among the worst nations of the world.

So many people are leaving the country for greener pastures. Some die on the way, some have become slaves in foreign Nations while many are engaged in dehumanizing enterprises. Many are scavenging to eat while others are cruising in very luxurious cars and living in expensive houses in the choicest of locations at the cost of our collective National resources. They own properties everywhere including foreign countries. Many of them even own businesses abroad but none in Nigeria.

Government is supposed to encourage industrialists and investors who are patriotic enough to create employment by establishing companies in Nigeria capable of employing some of our graduates and creating happiness here and there but there are impediments. They call it ‘Nigeria’. There are protocols that must be followed. The Nigeria factor must come into play. These well-meaning investors must be discouraged and frustrated by the Nigeria Factor. Woe betides those whose mission is to perpetuate poverty instead of prosperity. Those who stand against the well being of the masses by blocking the door for others to progress shall witness their dooms day live.

Look at the National Health Insurance Scheme that by now would have made it possible for many Nigerians to access healthcare. What are they doing there in Abuja? Everything Nigerian must have hiccups? Even the health of citizens is subject to politics. What percentage of the national budget for 2019 is for health and education for the masses? What percentage is for salaries and allowances of government functionaries, open or hidden?

Maybe they want to reduce the population of the country by hunger, insecurity, illiteracy, disease, and death.