There are countless reasons for many people without the right education to blame someone else for their academic and professional handicap or failure. Some of these people would bore you with tales untold about their lives. The story they will never tell you is their contribution to their sad outcome in the journey of life.

I was a young man when one of my cousins left the village for Lagos. Lagos is acknowledged as a mega city full of opportunities for everyone. It is also a city where you are completely on your own. It is a city for the wise that could identify the opportunities therein and make a meaningful living therein. However my cousin was not the determined type. He thought there was plenty of pounded yam every evening and free fruits as well. 

In six months, he was back home looking skeletal. “I am not cut out for the life in Lagos. Why should I suffer myself when there is plenty in my father’s bans and farm?” People would gather around him to hear his tales of woes about Lagos. “If you don’t have a big job in Lagos and live in Ikoyi and Victoria Island, you are a nobody. People living in Amukoko and Mushin are basically poor.”

He did not travel alone to sojourn in Lagos but he returned alone. Those who remained and endured learned a trade or enroll in schools visited home several years later in their cars with their families to the admiration of their kindred and friends. My cousin, now looking ten years older than his mates also went to admire them with or without remorse. Lagos is meant for those who aspire for greatness irrespective of where you reside in the megacity.

To aspire means to yearn for greater heights. To have a big dream and work tirelessly to achieve these dreams. To be successful in anything, you must work very hard, be patient, stay focused, defile all odds and take challenges zestfully. Those who aspire have no limitations. Every height achieved is a stepping stone. They understand who they are, where they come from, their mission and vision. They are strategists, go-getters, pacesetters and robust visionaries as they turn obstacles and problems to opportunities and solutions. In recession times like this, they even thrive more. They are positive and full of light. They have nothing like an impossibility in their dictionary. They came to conquer and not to be conquered by the world.

Most of all, they are God’s fearing. They believe in the creator as the answer to all questions. They are prayerful, looks up to God daily faithfully and hopefully. They also have open hands; they have love for God and humanity. They want to make a success of this world and heaven. They congregate and offer from their hearts for the development of the work of God. God in turn bless them daily.

Aspire and make a meaning of your life. You are the architect of your life. As the clay, surrender yourself to the Potter to mode you as it please Him.