Public service means serving the public and this is made up of citizens and foreigners. Those employed to serve the public are called civil or public servants. They are selected out of the public to serve the public for a duration of time. At the end of this period, they return to the public either after retirement or an early exit. while in service, these public services perform their duties well or badly. They create a work culture that is retrogressive or progressive. Some have rigid mindset while others have a growth mindset.

The average Nigerian civil servant is not trained because training is rare in the ministries, parastatals or agencies of government. The only training they get is from disgruntled elements whose attitude is what to grab from the system at the expense of the public. Many public officers are yearning for the extra crunch outside official entitlement. This is one of the reasons for joining these offices. Arrogance, ineptitude, greed of the highest order pervade public officials and offices. It is a sad tale of disgrace from the executive, legislature, judiciary, Police, custom service, immigration service, courts, everywhere. If you are not ready to cooperate, you get no service.

When I read of pensioners ordeal after serving this Nation for the better part of their useful and productive lives, what I see is different. The same pensioners planted the crops they are reaping. While in service, they taught their juniors all the bad procedure of getting things done. They copied and added their own innate wickedness and turned the public service into another semi-hell for the public. Civil servants in Nigeria believe that they are doing the public a favour they don’t deserve.

In the health sector, our own Nightingales (Nurses) in the Public sector are an aberration of the originators of the profession. They aid in worsening the conditions of their patient. The Doctors, despite their oath of service, are no better. they are after money, not health. No wonder private hospitals proprietors are smiling the Bank. Patients that cannot take nonsense from public health institutions resort to private clinics for some respect. Our health workers abroad are trice the ones at home. They are in search of money. Some will argue that there are no facilities here but how many have gone and returned with the facilities? Indians own most of the major diagnostic centres in Lagos. Where is the Nigerian Scientist?

Go to the courts and see court officials including judges taking a bribe to deliver justice. Only God will help you get justice in our courts. Adjournments will frustrate and deny you of justice.

Who can help us to get it right? Is it a leadership that transparency international have branded the most corrupt despite their so-called fight against corruption? In Nigeria, the blind lady symbolising justice is not blind because her eyes are wide open. It is also corrupt. Judiciary and its agents cannot fight corruption in Nigeria.

Who will fight corruption in Nigeria? The Nigerian people can. Corruption has dealt a dirty blow on the lives of the Nigerian youth. It is in our educational institutions, churches and mosque. Wherever undue influence is allowed to thrive, there is corruption. Where someone has to be sacked for no offence other than the friend of the mother in Isreals daughter needs the job is corruption. Taking undue advantage of others for whatever reason is corruption.

Who will fight corruption in Nigeria? God can.  Let us return to the law of LOVE.